BSDLinux Initiative

The BSDLinux Initiative:
We are interested in creating a hybrid BSD/Linux system which we call BSDLinux. It will use the layout and security consciousness of OpenBSD and the package management of Debian Linux as well as the "make world" feature of BSD. We intend to make versions that use both the Linux kernel and the OpenBSD kernel. The first versions will use the OpenBSD kernel for technical reasons. The entire project will be open source. We envision that the project will emply both the BSD and GNU Public licenses where appropriate to satisfy the requirements of the original software.

Current Status:
4-5-00 We are porting the Debian package utilities to OpenBSD.

For more info or to join our project please write We invite any OpenSource programmer or enthusiast to join.

For a different approach to fusing BSD and Linux, an attempt to make a Slackware/FreeBSD hybrid, please see the "BSD Linux Project"

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Updated April 5, 2000